nuGLOW RGB Light Therapy Reviews – nuYOU LED Color Skincare?

Los Angeles, CA – ( NewMediaWire[1] ) – September 22, 2020 – nuGLOW RGB is a skincare treatment that uses light therapy as a way to improve the texture and wrinkles in the skin. This remedy is safe for most complexions without requiring any creams or cleansers to be introduced to the user’s routine.

What is nuGLOW RGB?

They (whoever “they” might be) say, “Love the skin you’re in.” The cliche is meant to be encouraging to consumers everywhere to take care of their bodies and prevent bigger problems later on. Skincare companies around the world have continued to thrive with this idea in mind, but is it possible that consumers are doing it all wrong? While there are some formulas that are incredibly helpful, the use of light therapy has proven to be a fairly effective option.

With the  nuGLOW RGB treatment[2], users incorporate RGB light therapy to regain their radiance and look younger than they have in years. This remedy is used for increasing the skin’s tightness, which also reduces the size of the pores for less risk of blackheads and clogging. However, the benefits aren’t exclusive to anti-aging.

As the user maintains their treatments, they will also reduce the inflammation in the skin, which can arise from rosacea or just acne. It also improves complexions that are more sensitive than others, reduces roughness, and improves hydration. These may seem like a lot of benefits with just a little light exposure, but it’s more than that.

How It Works

As the user exposes their skin to the light, there are three different colors that they can choose from. Each color performs a different function, allowing users to customize their treatment as needed:

  • Red light (620 NM)
  • Anti-aging: improves and maintains the amount of collagen/elastin in their skin.
  • Greenlight (490 NM)
  • Color correction: balances out the skin tone for a more even complexion.
  • Blue light (450 NM)
  • Skin clearing: reduces acne breakouts and eliminates blemishes.

The FDA has already approved this treatment. To learn more about why light therapy is an effective remedy for the complexion, check out this study from the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology:[3]. It covers all three colors of phototherapy.

Purchasing nuGLOW RGB

For one device, this amazing  RGB light technology[4]  is available for $399, though users will have to add $40 to the order for shipping and handling.

Frequently Asked Questions About nuGLOW RGB

Does this light expose the skin to UV rays?

No. The light therapy is completely free of UV rays.

How often do users need to expose their skin to the nuGLOW RGB device?

With three treatments a week, users will start to see results at a rapid pace. The treatment only requires about ten minutes of exposure, though users will need to clean their skin and dry it before they start. The formula can be followed with a moisturizing remedy after to lock in the results.

Is there any other proof that light therapy is an effective form of treatment for the skin?

Absolutely. The official website for the nuGLOW RGB device cites a study from the Indian Dermatology Online Journal ([5] ) and an article in ([6] ). They also include another study found in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology ([7] ).

How long should it take for consumers to see a difference?

Even after one treatment, the complexion starts to change. In fact, one treatment is enough to start the process of changing. Still, since every person is different, the progress that they make will largely depend on the condition of the skin at the start.

What if this treatment doesn’t work out effectively?

If the problem with the  nuGLOW RGB device[8]  is that it isn’t working at all, the creators offer a three-year warranty. However, if the device works as it should but not for the user, they can get a refund within 30 days of the original purchase.

The customer service team can answer any other questions via email ([9] ) or phone call (1-800-489-7421).


nuGLOW RGB helps adults to keep their skin clear without adding much time to their weekly skincare. Even though ten minutes of exposure are needed to be effective, this remedy is only needed about three times a week (rather than daily like other treatments). Users will need to keep up with their current skincare remedy with a daily face wash and moisturizer, but there are no formulas specifically recommended by  nuGLOW RGB[10].


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