NIKE Unveils a Wave of Innovation That Defines the Future of Sport

NEW YORK–([1])–Today, NIKE, Inc. (NYSE: NKE), the world’s largest and most innovative
sports brand, revealed the future of sport, highlighted by the
groundbreaking “adaptive lacing” platform, as well as a pioneering
football (soccer) technology that separates mud from cleats and
transformations in the celebrated innovations of Nike Air and Nike
Flyknit that reinvent modern footwear design.

NIKE, Inc. President & CEO Mark Parker, at a global event in New York
City, debuted these innovations and unveiled the new Nike+ app, the
all-access pass for athletes to reach their potential. The app connects
athletes with Nike’s most-coveted products and services in a simple,
seamless way.

The new Nike+ delivers a personal store, on-demand coaching and the best
of Nike at your fingertips. These features come to life through a
personal feed that recommends products tailored to you, coaching for all
levels that adapts to your performance and schedule, and a connection to
the endless motivation found in the world of Nike’s in-person

“Today showcases a breadth of innovation that only Nike can deliver,”
said Parker. “It represents a fundamental shift in how we serve the
athlete. We’ve entered a new era of personalized performance. Athletes
want more than a dashboard and data – they want a more personal
relationship, one that gives them real solutions and total access to the
best product and services.”

The groundbreaking products unveiled by Parker represent Nike’s
relentless drive to exceed athletes’ expectations:

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0: Ushering in this new era of personalized
performance, HyperAdapt is the first-ever step in the concept of
“adaptive lacing.” It delivers a precise fit that can be adjusted to the
changing needs of the game. Through this pioneering innovation, Nike
offers a glimpse into the future of footwear. The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0
will be exclusively available to purchase through the new Nike+ app.

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit: Since the advent of the Air platform
40 years ago, designers required foam and rubber to separate the Air and
the foot for support and traction purposes. No longer. Today, thanks to
years of research, these barriers can be removed to create maximum feel
and efficiency for runners. With simply a Nike Flyknit upper and Nike
Air, the Nike Air VaporMax reimagines how footwear is made and offers
athletes the purest cushioning ever created.

Nike Anti-Clog Traction: Mud is the opponent of speed. Nike
Anti-Clog Traction helps prevent mud from sticking to the bottom of
football boots (cleats) with a new adaptive polymer. This premium
traction helps players avoid the slips and excess weight that can
separate victory from defeat by offering no distractions in all
conditions. Anti-Clog is Nike’s latest intersection of sport and science
at the molecular level, as it solves for the problems that athletes have
long thought unsolvable.

Nike Flyknit: The Nike Flyknit platform continues to accelerate
its power as it rewrites the rules of performance engineering. Today,
Nike Flyknit is available in all sports for all athletes in all
conditions, a quantum leap forward for a technology which four years ago
launched solely for marathoners. The combinations of yarns and digital
knitting techniques that make up Flyknit now offer athletes stronger and
more weatherproof options, as Nike continues to explore this
groundbreaking technology’s infinite possibilities to solve the world of
sport’s greatest challenges.

As part of the event, Parker also discussed Nike’s design philosophy of
creating footwear and apparel through an approach of head-to-toe product
integration. Known as “System of Performance,” this philosophy obsesses
the edges and seams that connect products to each other – always
designing for athletes in motion. More information on System of
Performance is expected to be released during the second day of the

Visit Nike News at for product release date information.
The new Nike+ app will be available in June.

About Nike, Inc.

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